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Itzy Ritzy Mitts Silicone Teething Mitt 咬咬手套 (Unicorn)

Itzy Ritzy Mitts Silicone Teething Mitt 咬咬手套 (Unicorn)

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Babies love to chew to soothe swollen and teething gums. Our modern teething mitt is worn like a glove, making it perfect for babies who can’t yet hold a teether. The Itzy Ritzy Silicone Teething Mitt is made from food grade silicone and is durable, flexible and non-toxic. It includes a stimulating crinkle sound to keep baby entertained. The textured silicone surface helps baby discover new senses while getting relief from sore gums. CPSIA compliant.


Free of PVC, BPA, lead, cadmium, phthalate.


  • 矽膠固齒器質地安全超Q彈,好咬不傷牙齦
  • 固齒器凹凸觸感,有助按摩寶寶的牙齦、減緩長牙的不適感
  • 布內藏響紙,搓揉時會發出沙沙聲,吸引寶寶注意力
  • 保護寶寶雙手,避免口水疹,防止寶寶抓傷細嫩臉頰
  • 可調節式魔鬼氈設 計,方便調整鬆緊
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