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SoKind Nourishing Belly Sheet Masks 預防妊娠紋滋潤肚膜

SoKind Nourishing Belly Sheet Masks 預防妊娠紋滋潤肚膜

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SoKind 孕婦護膚套裝包括 4 款優質護膚產品,在丹麥全天然手工製,以天然成分針對懷孕期間發生的皮膚問題,安全守護寶寶及呵護媽媽肌膚。原料配方、無香料、無酒精,適合產前、產後肌膚保養使用。

Blissful Moments 預防妊娠紋滋潤肚膜 4 片裝

【 丹麥製造 】
100% 純素、零殘忍

Blissful Moments

4 x Nourishing Belly Sheet Masks
An absolute treat for a stretched belly bump, providing the stressed and sensitive skin with all the moisture and active ingredients necessary to stretch and grow beautifully throughout pregnancy.
The Effect
  • Soothes and relieves itchy skin
  • Hydrates and protects skin
  • Restores and maintains a healthy skin barrier

- Free from dyes
- Vegan
- No Phthalates
- Fragrance Free
- No Alcohol
- Cruelty Free
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