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Zoy Zoii - Forest Series Backpack 幼兒園背包 (Tiger)

Zoy Zoii - Forest Series Backpack 幼兒園背包 (Tiger)

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Perfect gift for toddler kid’s school season, which would be very rememberable in his/her childhood. This unique and super eye-catching backpack may make your kid a little superstar at school or kinder garden. It’s light and comfortable to carry around for school and outdoor activities.

Unique and Whimsical design makes this model a perfect and super eye-catching backpack for toddler and kids to preschool or kindergarden.

Only 456g in Weight but stury in quality; 290mm in diameter, just the right size for little kidst weight and Cushioning Design peferctly relieve the stress and protects your kids’ back.



  • 附贈pvc貼紙,陪寶貝一起DIY屬於自己獨一無二的書包
  • PVC軟膠拉扣,採用質感柔軟的高回彈PVC材質
  • 質感柔軟的高回彈EVA材質,有效承托增強透氣性
  • 凹槽緊密貼合背部分解肩部壓力,保護脊椎
  • 彈力透氣寛肩帶,防滑且舒壓
  • 尺寸: 290x270x145mm
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